SSC Grading System 2024, SSC Marking Method

SSC Grading System

SSC Grading System 2024, SSC Marking Method in Bangladesh. SSC result 2024 which will be declared on 12 May 2024 is provided based on the SSC GPA which is Grade Point Average that the students scored in the exam. If you want to know more about the SSC Grading System 2024, you must continue reading our Article. “GPA” which is also called as Grade Point Average is along with the procedure to calculate the GPA of the SSC result using this Grading system.

SSC Grading System 2024 in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the academic results are used to be provided in the division system previously. But from 2001, the Grading system has been implemented for providing the Bangladesh academic results for primary education and secondary education and from 2003 in higher secondary education. Now, the division system is no more. The grading system is existed with the motto of providing test results in the form of grades and grade points which is to reduce the results tension of the students with marks. The grading system is different for JSC, SSC and HSC education. As if you were here to know about the SSC Grading System 2024 students can go through the below given details.

From past few years, the SSC Exam results are being announced based in the GPA system or grading system i.e., the results are given in the GPA format for the contenders. Many students and their guardians do not know what exactly grading system is and how to calculate GPA for SSC and to help them we have given the example below the grading system table given here. We advice the students to go through it to get an overview of it and to calculate your exam result of SSC and Dakhil examinations for the year 2024.

Grading System for SSC Exams 2024

Marks Range Grade Points Grade
80 – 100 5.00 A+
70 – 79 4.00 A
60 – 69 3.50 A-
50 – 59 3.00 B
40 – 49 2.00 C
33 – 39 1.00 D
0 – 32 0.00 F

There will be a total of 7 grades from A+ to F and the grade points from 5 to 0 in this SSC Grading system of the education board. All the theoretical, practical and MCQ results are given in the Grading system in Bangladesh public exam results. For every subject, the student will be given a grade point and the grade for the marks obtained by the student in that particular subject. Finally, the average of the all grade points is taken and the overall grade point is assigned to the students and for which the grade is awarded for the candidates as a SSC Result 2024 for the public examinations conducted in that year.

SSC Result 2024 Download

How to Calculate GPA for SSC?

Here, Is a Sample Grade Point Making System of a SSC Examine 2024, with his Subject Wise Grade/Point. In the Sample Copy, Just add your Expected Letter Grade beside the Subject code and Subject Name. Then follow the below Instruction to make your GPA.

Subject Code Subject Name Grade Point
101 BANGLA A+ 5.00
107 ENGLISH A+ 5.00
136 PHYSICS A+ 5.00
137 CHEMISTRY A 4.00
138 BIOLOGY A 4.00
131 COMPUTER STUDIES (Optional) A+ 5.00

Total Point: (5.00+5.00+5.00+4.00+4.00+5.00+4.00+4.00+5.00) = 41.00-2.00 (For Optional Subject) = 39.00

So, Grade Point Average (GPA) = 39.00/8= 4.875 or, 4.88

Here, 8= Total Subject Number. With the Above system, you can easily make Your Point Table of Education Board Bangladesh Public Exam Result.

For example: If the student scores 79 marks in particular subject, he/she will get the Grade point 4.00 and the grade as A. If the score is 80, the grade point is 5.00 and the grade is A+. Based on the score obtained one can check grade points from the table and calculate the overall grade and grade point of the overall score obtained by the student in the SSC Exams 2024 or Dakhil exams 2024.

GPA = Addition of Grade Points in Each Subject / Total Number of Subjects

This is how the SSC and DAKHIL result 2024 are given in the grading system for the students. The result will be published for the student in GPA with grades and grade points and the marks in each subject and the overall score will be available with the respective schools from which students can check their score.

SSC Exams Marks Distribution

The education board ministry has changed the distribution of marks in the SSC Exams and students should be aware of this. NCBT has finalized the new syllabus as well as the new marks distribution system for the SSC Exam 2024 and its equivalent examinations.

See: HSC Admission Circular 2024

In the SSC exams, there are 70 marks for the theoretical part i.e., writing side and the 30 marks is for MCQ. But last year there for 60 marks for writing part and 40 marks for MCQ which is changed this year. However, the marks distribution for the Bangla subject is not changed i.e., same 60 marks for writing side and 40 marks for MCQ for Bangla language.

When it comes to writing part of the Bangla subject, 10 marks will be for Paragraph, 5 marks for letter writing, 7 marks for completing the history, 10 marks for the analysis of question graph and 8 marks for passage summarizing.

When it comes to practical subjects, they are again divided in to three parts i.e., theoretical, MCQ and practical. For theoretical part there are 50 marks, and for MCQ part 25 and practical there are 25 marks each.

This is all about the SSC grading system in Bangladesh and the marks distribution system that education boards have implemented for issuing the SSC Result to the class 10 students of Bangladesh. If you have any question about SSC Grading System 2024, SSC Marking Method then comment below or message us through our Facebook page. We will update as soon as possible.

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