JSC Routine 2018

Junior School Certificate Routine 2018 for all boards in Bangladesh has been publishing. Some days before on the 1st week of August 2018, JSC Exam Routine 2018 & JDC exam routine 2018 have been announced. From on 1st November (Thursday) 2018 at 10:00 am, JSC & JDC exam 2018 will start. JSC Routine 2018 & JDC Routine 2018 will be found in Bangladesh Education Board website as well as in our website at eBoardResultBD.com.

JSC Routine 2018 Bangladesh

JSC means Junior School Certificate. In Bangla, it is called “সমাপনী পরীক্ষা”. For General Education Board, it is called JSC, but for Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board, it is called JDC (Junior Dakhilk Certificate). Both are same certificate. Only educational board & education subjects are change. It is the second major exam for Bangladeshi students. There are 4 major public educational exams (steps) in Bangladesh. They are given below:-

  1. PSC (Primary School Certificate)
  2. JSC (Junior School Certificate)
  3. SSC (Secondary School Certificate)
  4. HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate)

In 2011, JSC was started allover in Bangladesh. It is the ending session of class 8. After passing this public examination JSC, students can admit in class 9. If any student will fail in JSC, he/ she won’t be able to admit in class 9.

Time duration of JSC & JDC exam is 3 hours. JSC Exam & JDC exam are held by two shifts. They are:-

  • Morning Shift at 10.00 am to 1.00 pm,
  • Evening at Shift 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm.

When JSC Exam 2018 Will Start?

JSC exam for general students, exam will start on 1st November (Thursday) 2018 at 10:00 am. This exam will be finishing on 15th November (Thursday) 2018.

In Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board, JDC (Junior Dakhilk Certificate) will begin on 1st November (Thursday) 2018 at 10:00 am & it will continuing till 14th November (Wednesday) 2018.  In previous year 2017, JSC Exam was ongoing on 1st November (Wednesday) 2017 and it was finished on 18th November (Saturday) 2017.

JSC Routine 2018 All Boards

In this year 2018, JSC Routine 2018 for All Boards has been declared by Bangladesh Education Board. JSC exam will start together in all education board. JSC Routine 2018 is same for all educational board in Bangladesh. You will get JSC & JDC routine 2018 from our website.


Junior School Certificate (JSC) Exam Routine 2018 will publish from Dhaka Education Board website at www.dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd. You can download easily JSC Routine 2018 for all education board from here.

  • JSC Routine 2018 Dhaka Board
  • JSC Routine 2018 Rajshahi Board
  • JSC Routine 2018 Chittagong Board
  • JSC Routine 2018 Jessore Board
  • JSC Routine 2018 Barisal Board
  • JSC Routine 2018 Sylhet Board
  • JSC Routine 2018 Comilla Board
  • JSC Routine 2018 Dinajpur Board
  • JSC Routine 2018 Madrasa Board
  • JSC Routine 2018 Technical Board

JSC Exam Routine 2018 PDF Download

Date Subject Name Subject Code
1st November (Thursday) 2018 Bangla

Bangla 1st Paper (Applicable for irregular examinees)

3rd November (Saturday) 2018 Bangla

Bangla 2nd Paper (Applicable for irregular examinees)

4th November (Sunday) 2018 English

English 1st Paper (Applicable for irregular examinees)

5th November (Monday) 2018 English

English 2nd Paper (Applicable for irregular examinees)

8th November (Thursday) 2018 General Mathematics 109
10th November (Saturday) 2018 General Science 127
11th November (Sunday) 2018 Work and Life Oriented Education 155
12th November (Monday) 2018 Introduce Of Bangladesh And World 150

13th November (Tuesday) 2018

Agriculture Education (Applicable for irregular examinees) 134
Home Economics (Applicable for irregular examinees) 151
Arabic (Applicable for irregular examinees) 121
Culture (Applicable for irregular examinees) 123
Pali (Applicable for irregular examinees) 124
13th November (Tuesday) 2018 Physical Education & Health (Applicable for irregular examinees) 147

14th November (Thursday) 2018

Islam Studies & Moral Education 111
Hindu Studies & Moral Education 112
Buddhism  & Moral Education 113
Christian Studies & Moral Education 114
15th November (Wednesday) 2018 ICT (Information and Communication Technology) 154
15th November (Wednesday) 2018 Arts and crafts (Applicable for irregular examinees) 148



JDC Routine 2018 Download

Every Exam will start from 10:00 am to 01:00 pm

Date Subject Name Subject Code
1st November (Thursday) 2018 Quran Majeed & Tasbih 101
3rd November (Saturday) 2018 Arabic 1st Paper 103
4th November (Sunday) 2018 Arabic 2nd Paper 104
5th November (Monday) 2018 Aqaid and Fiqh 133
8th November (Thursday) 2018 General Mathematics 108
10th November (Saturday) 2018 English 107
English 1st Paper (Applicable for irregular examinees) 136
10th November (Saturday) 2018 English 2nd Paper (Applicable for irregular examinees) 137
11th November (Sunday) 2018 Bangla 106
Bangla 1st Paper (Applicable for irregular examinees) 134
11th November (Sunday) 2018 Bangla 2nd Paper (Applicable for irregular examinees) 135
12th November (Monday) 2018 General Science 117
13th November (Tuesday) 2018 ICT (Information and Communication Technology) 140
13th November (Tuesday) 2018 Agriculture Education (Applicable for irregular examinees) 113
Home Economics (Applicable for irregular examinees) 118
15th November (Wednesday) 2018 Bangladesh O Bisho Porichoy 143

JSC Exam Marks Distribution

The education board authority has changed the JSC Exams marks distribution; students should be aware of this. National Curriculum & Textbook Board (NCBT) has finalized the new syllabus as well as the new marks distribution system or structure for the JSC Exam 2018 and its equivalent examinations.

In the JSC exams 2018, there are 70 marks for the theoretical part i.e., writing side and the 30 marks is for MCQ. But last year there for 60 marks for writing part and 40 marks for MCQ which is changed this year. However, the marks distribution for the English subject is not changed i.e., same 60 marks for writing side and 40 marks for MCQ for English language.

Grading System for JSC Exam 2018

Marks Grade Point Average (GPA) Letter Grade
0 to 32 0.00 F
33 To 39 1.00 D
40 To 49 2.00 C
50 To 59 3.00 B
60 To 69 3.50 A-
70 To 79 4.00 A
80 to 100 5.00 A+

 JSC & JDC Exam Procedure 2018:

  • Earlier than 3 days of Exam, examinee has to collect JSC or JDC Admit Card from School’s headmaster,
  • Examinee ought to signature in attendance sheet,
  • Examinees have not to be making fold to OMR sheet in the exam hall.
  • JSC or JDC Exam must take at particular time that is mentioned on Question paper very clearly,
  • Must use same answer script for creative & objective exam,
  • Examinees must filled up Roll no , Registration no, subject code correctly in the OMR form,
  • Any electronic device like smart watch, scientific calculator as well as mobile phone is not permitted in the exam hall.
  • There are many students who are not pass JSC & JDC exam in first time. There are some rules for them. They can participate in JSC & JDC exam as irregular students.

JSC Exam Question Pattern:

Student Type Multiple Selection (MCQ) Creative (CQ) Total Number
Regular student 30 70 100
Irregular student 40 60 100

JSC & JDC Result 2018:

Every year in the month of December (last week- 27th December) JSC Result 2018 will be published in Education Board Result official website at www.educationboardresults.gov.bd. In our website, all educational result will be found like PSC Result 2018, Ibtediya Result 2018, JDC Result 2018, SSC Result 2019, HSC Result 2018, All Public University Admission Result 2018, Graduation & Post Graduation Exam Result 2018 and  Scholarship Result 2019.

We will publish all important information about JSC Routine 2018 & JDC Exam Routine 2018 Download in our website. From our website at eBoardResultBD.com, you will get all update educational & job related news very easily. So keep visiting our website. You can join our FB page to get more updates.