HSC Scholarship Result 2024 All Education Board

HSC Scholarship Result

Congratulations as you have done an outstanding result in HSC 2024. It’s great. Now you are looking for the HSC Scholarship Result because you are hoping that you would get a scholarship. Right? Absolutely, you can get because of your wonderful result. Don’t worry. Keep on reading the article. You will find all about the HSC Scholarship 2024, who will get HSC Scholarship 2024, result publish date, HSC Scholarship Result 2024 and how to check HSC Scholarship result 2024. Okay?

You will be glad to know that every year all the education boards of Bangladesh award scholarships to those students who make an outstanding result in HSC. This year also, it’s not exceptional as the HSC Scholarship Result 2024 has already been published.

HSC Scholarship Result 2024

Students from Science, Business Studies and Humanities groups will get this scholarship from their boards. But keep it in mind that irregular students aren’t allowed for this scholarship. All the boards provide two types scholarship every year. One is General and another one is Talent Pool.SSC Scholarship Result

But remember, you will get this scholarship after getting admitted for higher education. When you will get admitted into the University, you will be able to withdraw your scholarship from that institution. Besides getting scholarship, another great news for the scholarship holder is that they will get the chance of studying in their institution free of cost.

But do you know how much will you get as a scholarship? If not, know it from here.

Scholarship Grade Monthly Scholarship Amount One Time Scholarship
General BDT. 250 BDT. 500 Yearly
Talent Pool BDT. 500 BDT. 1200 Yearly

*** Duration of Scholarship: Total course Time of Your Higher Education

HSC Scholarship Result 2024 All Education Board

Hurray! The HSC Scholarship Result 2024 All Education Board has been published already. Now you can easily know your result from your college. But, remember. It will take time as the college needs to collect it and you need to go to college to get your result.

So, for your comfort and easy getting your scholarship results, we have already collected the result from all boards and given them below individually: Just you need to click on your board’s name, within seconds; you will get your long desired HSC scholarship result 2024. Okay?


HSC Scholarship Result 2024 Dhaka Board

HSC Scholarship Result 2024 Comilla Board

HSC Scholarship Result 2024 Chittagong Board

HSC Scholarship Result 2024 Sylhet Board

HSC Scholarship Result 2024 Jessore Board

HSC Scholarship Result 2024 Rajshahi Board

HSC Scholarship Result 2024 Barisal Board

HSC Scholarship Result 2024 Dinajpur Board

HSC Scholarship Result Publish Date

Would you like to know the HSC Scholarship Result Publish Date 2024? Okay, you will know it right now. You know that this year HSC result 2024 will be published on 03 February 2024. Generally, if the result is published in July, all the boards publish the HSC scholarship in December.

So, it’s hoped that you will get your scholarship result 2024 in the last week of December. After the scholarship result publication, you can know it from your institution or from the official website of your education board.

We have also collected the scholarship results of all boards. So, you can also easily download the result going below.

Who will get the HSC Scholarship 2024?

Generally, if you get GPA-3, you will be considered for the scholarship. But remember, as the board will reward this scholarship to a selected number of students, those students who could make good result would be counted for the scholarship. For example, last year, the Dhaka Board gave scholarship to 2400 students. So, the first 2400 good result making students got this scholarship.

So, the scholarship result 2024 will be made like the previous years by all education boards of Bangladesh.

 How to Check HSC Scholarship Result 2024 Online?

Wow! The HSC Scholarship 2024 has already been published. Right? Therefore you are looking for how to get your scholarship result. No problem as there are many ways to know your result. First of all, you can know your result sitting at home online. So, let’s know How to Check HSC Scholarship 2024 Online.

When you want to get your HSC scholarship result 2024 online, the best way is to get the result visiting your board’s website. Going to the website, you can easily download the scholarship result.

 The list of all boards website address is given below:

  1. Dhaka Board: https://dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd/
  2. Comilla Board: https://comillaboard.portal.gov.bd/
  3. Chittagong Board: https://bise-ctg.portal.gov.bd/
  4. Sylhet Board:https://sylhetboard.gov.bd/
  5. Jessore Board: https://www.jessoreboard.gov.bd/
  6. Rajshahi Board: http://www.rajshahieducationboard.gov.bd/
  7. Barisal Board:https://www.barisalboard.gov.bd/
  8. Dinajpur Board: http://www.dinajpureducationboard.gov.bd/

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You will agree with me that now you know all about the HSC Scholarship 2024 and the easiest ways of getting your HSC scholarship result 2024. Am I right? So, why are you doing late to get your scholarship result  as all the boards have already published the HSC Scholarship Result 2024? Rather, get the result following the above any way or clicking here and celebrate it with your friends and family members.

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