SSC Result Marksheet

If you are an SSC candidate this year and waiting for the SSC result 2022 marksheet, then you have come to the right place. We have brought a detailed guideline for you to follow so that you get the SSC result 2022 marksheet much easier.

We suggest you read the article completely and follow as described. There will be a lot of links online to confuse you but will not provide the real SSC result 2022 marksheet. It will be wise if you stick here and follow the guideline properly. Let’s begin.

SSC Result 2022 Marksheet

Like every year, the SSC result 2022 marksheet will be available upon publishing the SSC result officially. As our country is going through a pandemic situation, regular procedures of result publication have been hurdled and this is why the result publication was postponed for a long time.

But with the time being, the government is planning to publish the result considering the academic loss of the students. As per govt declaration, the SSC result 2022 will be published soon and if you want to get the SSC result 2022 marksheet quickly, you can follow the ways stated here.

When Will SSC Result 2022 Marksheet Be Published?

As we have stated earlier, the publication of the SSC result 2022 has been delayed because of the current situation but it is declared to be published on 19 December. Education boards have finalized their preparation to publish the result and it will be formally handed over to the Honourable Prime Minister on 19 December.

It will then be available for mass people to check online.

How To Get The SSC Result 2022 Marksheet?

Because of the changed circumstances, the SSC result will not be published physically this year. Rather it will be published online to check from respective education boards. Students can also get their results by registering from their mobile phones through text messages.

SSC Result 2022 Mobile SMS

But if you want to get the full SSC result 2022 marksheet, you have to wait for the marksheet to be available. Once the SSC result 2022 marksheet is available, you can follow the steps below to get your copy of the marksheet.

  • Go to
  • Write down your roll no, exam year and other details.
  • If everything is okay, click on the Submit button.
  • You will get your SSC result 2022 marksheet in a few moments.

Download The SSC Result 2022 Marksheet

If you don’t want to take the hassle of searching for a marksheet here and there, you can go to this link to easily download the SSC result 2022 marksheet in a few clicks. This is the easiest way of getting your marksheet.

SSC Exam Result by Mobile App

Just click here and you will be redirected to another page where you have to put down your details. Once you are done, you will get your copy of the SSC result 2022 marksheet.

Last Words

Hope you are informed enough about the SSC result 2022 marksheet and you can now be prepared to get the marksheet as soon as it is published.