HSC Grading System 2024 [How to Calculate HSC GPA]

HSC grading system

Almost all HSC candidates are confused about the HSC grading system of 2024. Because of the corona pandemic, the classes have not been conducted properly, and the examination was held in June. So, the Ministry of education board brings a significant change in examination rules.

Many changes are brought in the resulting system as well, which makes the candidates confused. Don’t worry. From our comprehensive discussion, you will get a complete idea about subject mappingand how to calculate GPA. Let’s get started.

HSC Grading System

Before going through GPA calculation, it is a must to have an idea about the grading system of our country. It is entirely unchanged, and the GPA of public examinations calculates according to this system.

For getting grade points, students have to gain at least 33 marks. Otherwise, he will assume as unsuccessful or failed. Now, have a look through the below-mentioned grading system:

Marks Range Grade Points Grade
80-100 5.00 A+
70-79 4.00 A
60-69 3.50 A-
50-59 3.00 B
40-49 2.00 C
33-39 1.00 D
0-32 0.00 F

How to Calculate HSC GPA

The tests results of HSC 2024 will not calculate as in previous years because of changing system. This year, candidates from each group have to attend only three subjects.

Bangla, English, ICT, and fourth subjectexams have not been taken. Moreover, the students have to sit for only 50 marks for every subject. Thus, the grading system for HSC 2024 will completely change.

The grading for un-attempted subjects will be calculated by subjects mapping. Authority will take those subjects’ numbers from SSC(75%) and JSC(25%). After converting the numbers of every subject into grade points, the total sum of grade points will be calculated. Finally, the sum will divide by the number of subjects, and the GPA will come out. Don’t get hassled. You will get a clear idea from the below example.

Suppose you have obtained Bangla-70, English-65, and ICT-42 in JSC. So, 25% of each subject is Bangla-17.50, English-16.25, and ICT-21.

Now come to SSC. Suppose you have obtained Bangla-72, English-67, and ICT 40. Here, you have to make the average of 1st paper and 2nd paper of Bangla and English. After converting them into 75%, the number is Bangla-54, English-50, and ICT-60.

Now make a total of each subject.

  • Bangla= (54+17.50) =72 [4.0]
  • English= (16.25+50) =66 [3.0]
  • ICT= (21+60) =81 [5.0]

Also, don’t forget to take the number of fourth subjects from SSC. Suppose it is Higher Math and the number is 75 [4.00]. You have to minus 2 from in total calculation.

Now, it is the time of final calculation:

Physics: 5.00

Chemistry: 4.00

Biology:      4.00

Bangla:     4.00

English: 3.50

ICT: 5.00

H.M.: 2.00 [4.00-2.00]

Total: 27.50

Last, GPA = (27.50/6) = 4.58

That’s all the effective ways you will calculate your GPA. 


Here, we have assembled the GPA calculating of HSC in the very most straightforward way. We are highly optimistic that our comprehensive article has been enough informative for you, and now you can easily determine your GPA of HSC on the basis of conjecturing marks.

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